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Ryder Ministries is a training center to teach the body of Christ to become ministers for the Lord!

We are also an urgency ministry for those who need to be healed, delivered & set free right away.

Pastor Robert, has a very unique gifting. He ministers with the Holy Spirit so that you can be healed in many areas of your life. Many have come for physical healing’s. Some come for deliverance. Many come for emotional healing’s. If you need ministry please contact our Church Ministry by calling
(503) 652-2650 or email robert@ryder.org

Pastor Robert can teach you how to minister with results. “The Kingdom of God is the Power of God getting results.!” Pastor Robert has taught many Bible School Series. Contact him when you want to learn how to become a minister for the Lord!

We are here for you!

A Ministry Where Health, Wealth & Wisdom Prevails
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The Kingdom of God is the Power of God getting results!
Sunday Church begins at 10:30 am Partners Bible School Bible School topics NW Holy Spirit Conference
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Pastor Robert is passionate when Ministering to the sick!
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April 26, 2014
Video Training On-line now!
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Pastor Robert
Pastor Miriam